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Rights Catalogue

Graphic Novel Picture Book

  • Mina Moningham - Reise nach Beetle Burden: Ein Graphic Novel Bilderbuch

    Graphic Novel Picture Book / Urban Fantasy
    48 pages
    2023, November

    Mina Moningham - Journey to Beetle Burden
    by Jana Paradigi

    24-year-old Mina inherits a magical school building and its bizarre inhabitants.

    With portals to other worlds.

    And an enemy who wants to destroy her and plunge the worlds into chaos.

    When her hand-tame plant exotic gets so sick that the walls start to shake, Mina has to travel to another fantastic world to get the medicine she needs. In the process, she meets an old acquaintance who would normally be the last person she would ask for help. And yet fate brings them together on this adventure.

    An illustrated short story by Jana Paradigi with a total of 48 colorful picture book pages and four very special encyclopedia pages from the world of Mina Moningham.

    Wonderfully magical illustrations by Noah Whyler.

    Mina Moningham is an all-ages urban fantasy series full of suspense, magic, humor and portals to other worlds.


  • Diener des Wahnsinns

    Crime / with thriller elements
    342 pages
    2023, June

    Servant of Madness
    by Ann Boncelli

    Did you know that there is a second pope?

    Detective Marie Martius has no idea of this when she is called to a crime scene in the east of Munich. Two corpses are lying in front of the church of Saint Loreto. Everything indicates that they are victim and perpetrator - a case that could quickly be shelved. Nevertheless, the inspector continues to investigate the motive for the crime and soon finds herself in her own personal nightmare. And not only because Marie's stubbornness could end her career prematurely. The case becomes much more a test of her own salvation.

    The deeper Marie delves into the world of faith and religion, the more tangible and threatening the pure evil becomes. Until she finally has to ask herself: What of all this is still true and what has sprung from madness?

Picture Book

  • Hildes Regenzauber – Ein Ausflug ins Wolkenschloss

    Picture Book / fantastic adventure
    32 pages
    age 4+

    Hilde's rain magic - A trip to the castle in the clouds
    by Jana Paradigi

    A trip to the castle in the clouds

    Summer at last! Cora goes on vacation with her parents and Grandma Hilde. She is looking forward to sun, beach and sea, but instead it rains for three whole days. Until Grandma Hilde has one of her famous ideas: The magic of the Birnenpflaum family should help.

    And it does! Cora and Grandma Hilde end up in the castle in the clouds. But to stop the rain, they first have to help their new friend. Because he loves ice cream more than anything!

    With recipes for rain ice cream to make.

     A trip to the castle in the clouds - a cheerful reading experience for the whole family.

    Enchantingly illustrated by Risto Artworks.

  • Der Wunderklöben - Eine Reise zum Backpol

    Picture Book / fantastic adventure
    32 pages
    2022, November
    age 4+

    The Wonderkloeben - A journey to the baking pole
    by Jana Paradigi

    A trip to the baking pole - a Christmas reading experience for the whole family.

    Christmas is just around the corner, but Cora doesn't feel like Christmas yet. Only one thing can help: Grandma Hilde. Because when Grandma Hilde comes to visit, the most extraordinary things happen on an ordinary day. It can happen that you suddenly find yourself at the baking pole while baking for Christmas. But how do you get back?

    A funny little adventure story to get you into Christmas spirit.

    With the recipe for the Wunderkloeben to bake.

    Magically illustrated by Risto Artworks.



  • Mina Moningham - Das Schulhaus am Ende der Galaxis

    Fantasy / Urban Fantasy
    462 pages
    2022, September
    already in the second edition

    Mina Moningham - The Schoolhouse at the End of the Galaxy (1)
    by Jana Paradigi

    A strange schoolhouse with bizarre inhabitants. The desire for a family. And a journey that is only the beginning of a great adventure.

    Twenty-four-year-old Mina has just set up her own graphic design business in London when she unexpectedly inherits an old school building. As the new keeper of the wondrous house, she must pass a probationary period and abide by the strangest rules. In addition, there are some extraordinarily bizarre housemates who painfully remind Mina of her missing mother. Were her stories about talking animals and bad luck omens true in the end?

    While Mina is still struggling with herself and the inheritance, forces are already coming together on other levels to take aim at the house. Because there's a reason it's called "The Schoolhouse at the End of the Galaxy." And it's more adventurous and magical than Mina thinks possible.

    "Mina Moningham - The Schoolhouse at the End of the Galaxy" A self-contained urban fantasy novel and also the start of a multi-part book series.

  • Cover , Rückseite

    Fantasy / Historical, Urban Fantasy
    312 pages
    2022, July

    Kitty Carter - Demon Kiss (1)
    by Jana Paradigi

    England 1862, the year of the World's Fair in London. 49-year-old Kitty Carter has renounced love and family in her life in order to pursue a profession as a woman. She works as an unassuming clerk at the City of London Police. Her talent for accurate premonitions is the only thing that sweetens her dull everyday life - until she dies the first time and surprisingly receives a mission from God himself.

    With the chance of a second life, Kitty begins to make up for what she missed in her first attempt. Her newfound thirst for adventure and unimagined desires soon distract her from the real task at hand: hunting down a murderous demon. As Kitty follows the ever-lengthening trail of corpses, the foundations of her being continue to falter and she is forced to ask herself: how divine is her mission really?

    All who love Sherlock Holmes, mysticism, and romance in equal measure have found a fascinating new heroine in Kitty Carter. The detective from beyond explores her magical mystical abilities as well as her long repressed dreams and erotic desires as she hunts demons.

    "Kitty Carter - Demon's Kiss" combines modern urban fantasy with a historical mystery set in Victorian England - as if "Miss Fisher's Mysterious Murders" had been set off on a magical steampunk adventure.

Children's Book

  • Porkis Fluch

    Children's Book / Fantastic Adventure
    204 pages
    2022, September
    age 8+
    Big Font, some illustrations inside

    Porki's Curse
    by Jana Paradigi

    An exciting children's story with fantastic-magical elements for boys as well as for girls with small funny illustrations.

    Oliver is annoyed by his little sister and everything is going wrong in his life. But he only wants one thing: to become a great manga artist! When a talking parrot curses him, all the characters around him suddenly come to life and start chasing him. So he calls his favorite heroes to his aid - with pen and paper!

    An adventure story about dreams, anger, courage and sibling love.

  • Purpurstaub Magie Cover , Purpurstaub Magie Rückseite

    Children's Book / Fantastic Adventure
    300 pages
    2022, May
    age 10+

    Purple Dust Magic
    by Jana Paradigi

    Welcome to Pipinea - a world of purple dust!

    The story begins for eleven-year-old Serafina Nightingale when her family moves to the big city. At her beloved grandmother's deathbed, she learns that the stories about the land full of fairy dust, goblins, elves, wupfel, mirror butterflies, and other mythical creatures are true. This is the beginning of a fantastic adventure journey for Fina. She becomes a fairy, travels to Pipinea and, together with her feathered friend Pampusch, searches for the fairy queen Tula. For only her magical purple dust can perhaps bring Serafina's grandmother back. But Pipinea is threatened by great misfortune. The queen has disappeared and dark forces are striving to rule the land and the sources of the magical purple dust. Unintentionally, Serafina gets caught between the fronts of an emerging war. Serafina must prove her courage and self-confidence in the fight for good. For only by overcoming her fears can she save the fairy kingdom and its magical creatures!

    Jana Paradigi has written a magical fantasy adventure full of fairies, talking animal creatures and magic for children and young people aged ten and up, which will delight fans of Chris Colfer, Angie Sage, Kathrin Tordasi, Benedict Mirow or Anna Ruhe.

Young Adult

  • Tod einer Stadtelfe von Miranda Rouge

    Young Adult / Drama
    260 pages
    2022, September
    age 14+
    new second edition

    Death of a City Elf
    by Miranda Rouge

    A sensitively told story about two mismatched girls whose friendship drags them both down in a whirlpool of love, jealousy, drugs, and violence until one of the girls dies.

    Romy is fifteen. A girl who hides under too-wide sweaters and a tousled mane of curls. A loner who lives in her romantic dreams - quite the opposite of Anja. The seventeen-year-old is slim, pretty and experienced in every way.

    Far away from home, these two so dissimilar find each other and become best friends. Each of them seems to have exactly what the other lacks.

    Back at school, Anja takes care of the younger girl. But the better Romy fits into the big boys' game, the more jealousy grows in Anja. When she decides to make Romy like her not only from the outside but also from the inside, this has unexpected consequences for both of them.

    "A book that captures you, makes you angry, and at the same time makes you sob because it's more realistic than you want to be true."

    Includes educational appendix and contact addresses (for germany).